AgriLMI is a program focused on assessing the current agricultural labour market, projecting the future supply and demand for agricultural workers, and recommending potential solutions to the sector's labour issues.

***New Report: Impact of Access to Foreign Workers on the Agriculture Industry - April 2020

CAHRC developed this program to address significant labour challenges that threaten the growth potential of Canada's agriculture sector.

The AgriLMI program launched a three-year labour market initiative (LMI) in 2015 that examined the labour market in Canada’s agriculture sector and included data-driven projections into 2025. The LMI was updated with new data in 2019 and now includes projections into 2029.

This information can be accessed through a series of national, provincial, and commodity-specific reports, fact sheets and data dashboards available on this site.

National Data

National Data

Commodity Data

Commodity data

Provincial Data

Provincial Data

Provincial Data

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Why it's important

The global market for Canadian agricultural products is expanding rapidly, but persistent labour challenges are jeopardizing its growth potential. In 2017, 16,500 jobs went unfilled, which cost the sector $2.9 billion in lost revenues. In every province and across every commodity, labour shortages impact today’s production levels and tomorrow’s growth potential.

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