CAHRC works with industry associations, educators, and all levels of government to examine agriculture human resource issues and build meaningful research-based solutions.

We are Canada’s AgriWorkforce centre of excellence

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) is a national, non-profit organization focused on addressing human resource issues facing agricultural businesses across Canada.

The Council represents farming in all its forms: raising traditional and non-traditional livestock; producing, cultivating, growing, harvesting or collecting conventional and non-conventional agriculture commodities; and any practices performed as an integral part of an agricultural operation. 

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Develop industry-led solutions to support workforce development and HR management needs of agriculture.

A qualified, accessible, and motivated workforce that is sufficient to sustain a viable agriculture sector in Canada.

The primary centre for reliable agriculture research such as labour market information & the access point for customizable solutions related to workforce development and HR management carried to the grass-roots level.

For over ten years, CAHRC has been working with industry associations, educators, and all levels of government to examine agriculture human resource issues and build meaningful solutions.

Become a partner

CAHRC partners with many industry associations to keep their staff, board and members informed about emerging labour issues and connected with supportive materials.

Partners also receive access to practical and effective staff management training and an extensive list of HR management tools, guides and templates.

Preparing for the future of agriculture

Our efforts have resulted in clarifying jobs and worker requirements for modern agricultural operations so the industry can plan for the future. Our comprehensive research explores emerging labour issues, tracks the number of positions required, and quantifies vacancies and their impacts on competitiveness. 

We are collaborative, working with industry associations, educational institutions, and government departments to deliver practical staff management tools and training programs that support Excellence in Agriculture HR. We are working hard to grow the AgriWorkforce and ensure it is skilled and resilient.

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Our Guiding Principles



CAHRC collaborates closely with stakeholders across industry, academia, not-for-profit, and all levels of government to develop the best outcomes to support a strong future for Canadian agriculture.

HR Tools

Practical Tools and Resources

CAHRC leverages research and industry input to develop industry-leading HR tools to support agriculture employers.  


Quality Research

CAHRC is the go-to resource for cutting edge research on the labour and skill needs of the Canadian agriculture industry. 

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CAHRC is dedicated to ensuring that equity deserving groups including women, Indigenous People, immigrants, and persons with disabilities enjoy uninhibited access to play a valuable role in the agricultural workforce.