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We are Canada’s AgriWorkforce centre of excellence.

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) is a national, non-profit organization focused on addressing human resource issues facing agricultural businesses across Canada.

For over ten years, CAHRC has been working with industry associations, educators, and all levels of government to examine issues and build meaningful solutions.

Our efforts have resulted in clarifying jobs and worker requirements for modern agricultural operations today and into the future. Our research explores emerging labour issues, tracks the number of positions required, and quantifies vacancies and their impacts on competitiveness. We work through collaboration and partner with industry associations, educational institutions, and government departments to deliver practical staff management tools and training programs. In these ways, we are working hard to grow the AgriWorkforce and ensure it is skilled and resilient for future success.

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The Council supports a strong future for the agriculture industry by focusing on 5 key programs. For each, CAHRC conducts research to explore requirements, prepares reports documenting findings, communicates to clarify the solutions, and offers an extensive list of tools to help the industry meet the challenges of growing and strengthening the AgriWorkforce.

Emerging AgriWorkforce Issues: Management of Emerging Labour Issues

The Council leads the implementation of the Agriculture and Agri-Food Workforce Action Plan which clarifies short, medium and long term solutions to address the critical labour shortages facing the industry. This collaborative effort is designed to ensure sustainability, competitiveness and future growth for the agriculture and agri-food sector. On behalf of partners, the Council monitors emerging labour issues and provides updates and assistance to industry associations to ensure they are informed and can effectively advocate for programming to support a strong future.

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AgriLMI: Agricultural Supply and Demand Forecast Modeling

Over the past ten years, the Council has worked with industry stakeholders to quantify labour requirements and trends. Findings have been documented nationally, provincial and by commodity with forecasted labour supply and demand projected to 2025. Information and tools have been developed to clarified labour gaps, turnover, wage rates and the best approaches for increasing recruitment and retention of under-represented groups (e.g. Aboriginal people, new Canadians, and people with disabilities). This important research continues to clarify the industry’s labour needs and the impacts of shortages by region, and by production type, to inform employers, industry associations, educators and policy makers as they work to support a strong and vibrant future for Canada’s agriculture industry.

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AgriJobs: National Agricultural Occupational Framework

The Council works with industry stakeholders to clarify the work conducted in modern agriculture, building nationally validated job information to clarify skills requirements for agricultural positions. This information assists employers with their staffing needs. Employer tools have also been developed including AgriHR Toolkit (instructions and tools for effective HR mgt) and AgriJob Match (a job board), to help businesses find and keep the staff they need to be successful. So far, over 70 positions have been analyzed and numerous HR mgmt tools have been developed, this work continues to support industry employers and also helps inform policy makers by clarifying task and skill requirements for sector jobs. 

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AgriSkills: Training & Labour Market Support Tools

The AgriSkills training program is based on the detailed AgriJobs information and includes courses and materials to support new and existing agriculture workers. Programs are built with association partners and assist employers to ensure their staff have the knowledge and skills they need to be safe and effective on the job. Webinars, workshops, and self-paced online courses are available. Numerous courses on effective staff management for supervisors, managers and owners are also available. The programs continue to be built and delivered to support associations and their members.

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AgriWorkforce Diversity: Supporting the Advancement of Women in Agriculture

The Council supports diversity improvements for the industry. Important work is currently underway to examine and address critical barriers to advancement facing women in the industry in order to support improved access to leadership opportunities and strengthen business success for women working in agriculture.

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The Council partners with numerous industry associations and helps them to keep their staff, Board and members informed about emerging labour issues and connected with supportive materials. Special briefings, updates, research and advocacy assistance is provided to support the work of associations. Council association partners also give their members access to practical and effective staff management training and an extensive list of HR management tools, guides and templates.

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