The Canadian Agricultural HR Council (CAHRC) is not a recruiting agency. If you have been contacted by someone impersonating CAHRC, please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.

We are Canada’s AgriWorkforce centre of excellence.

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) is a national, non-profit organization focused on addressing human resource issues facing agricultural businesses across Canada.

For over ten years, CAHRC has been working with industry associations, educators, and all levels of government to examine issues and build meaningful solutions.

Our efforts have resulted in clarifying jobs and worker requirements for modern agricultural operations today and into the future. Our research explores emerging labour issues, tracks the number of positions required, and quantifies vacancies and their impacts on competitiveness. We work through collaboration and partner with industry associations, educational institutions, and government departments to deliver practical staff management tools and training programs. In these ways, we are working hard to grow the AgriWorkforce and ensure it is skilled and resilient for future success.

  • The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council

    5 Research Programs

    The Council is actively working on 5 critical research programs to clarify the industry’s current and future labour market needs. Learn More

  • The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council

    51 Partners

    The Council's 51 Contributing Partners and 100+ Supporting Partners work collaboratively to address industry needs. Learn More

  • The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council

    170+ Collaborators

    The Council supports over 170 industry associations and organizations to meet their members’ labour needs by building career awareness materials, keeping members informed of ongoing labour issues, and connecting them with relevant research and HR management tools & training. See All

  • The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council

    20+ Gov Depts

    The Council works with industry stakeholders from a multitude of federal, provincial and territorial ministries of agriculture, labour, industry, education, women and immigration facilitating connections and research collaboration opportunities. See All

Research Programs

The Council supports a strong future for the agriculture industry by focusing on 5 key programs. For each, CAHRC conducts research to explore requirements, prepares reports documenting findings, communicates to clarify the solutions, and offers an extensive list of tools to help the industry meet the challenges of growing and strengthening the AgriWorkforce.

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The Council partners with numerous industry associations to keep their staff, board and members informed about emerging labour issues and connected with supportive materials. Special briefings, updates, research and advocacy assistance is provided to support their work. To assist their members, partner associations also receive access to practical and effective staff management training and an extensive list of HR management tools, guides and templates.

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  • Alliance of Agri-Food Processors

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