AgriLMI is a dynamic program designed to assess and address the current challenges within the agricultural labour market in Canada. This initiative, spearheaded by the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC), aims to project future supply and demand for agricultural workers while proposing effective solutions to mitigate the sector's ongoing labour issues.

AGRI Talent

CAHRC’s AgriTalent program supports the development of connections between post-secondary students, employers in agriculture and post-secondary institutions and contributes towards preparing a job-ready workforce for the Canadian agriculture industry. As part of this program, subsidized Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities connect employers with post-secondary students to ensure higher participation by post-secondary students within the industry with special focus on including under-represented and equity-seeking groups.

AGRI Workforce Issues

The Council addresses emerging AgriWorkforce issues and leads the implementation of the Agriculture and Agri-Food Workforce Action Plan.

Maintenance of a strong agriculture and agri-food value chain has been identified by industry as the number one business risk management issue across all commodities and the value chain.

AGRI Diversity

CAHRC Diversity Initiatives

CAHRC recognizes that women, Indigenous people, immigrants, and persons with disabilities are underrepresented and have a valuable role to play in the agricultural workforce.

AgriWomen. Women play an important role in Canadian agriculture, but they are still underutilized. CAHRC supports women in agriculture by connecting them to career resources, sponsoring original research, and producing profiles and case studies to highlight the significant contribution women make to the sector.

AGRI Skills

Practical, targeted training options for agricultural employers, employees, associations and educators.

The AgriSkills Program addresses agriculture's biggest workforce challenges and supports the development of a productive, profitable business.

Through a range of resources, including workshops, webinars, videos, e-learning, curriculum and on-the-job training, AgriSkills provides:


CAHRC works with industry stakeholders to clarify the work conducted in modern agriculture. AgriJobs supports the agricultural industry and employers by building nationally validated job information to clarify skills requirements for agricultural positions. In partnership with the AgriSkills program, this job information provides tools that are targeted training resources for agricultural employers, employees, associations and educators.