Portia MacDonald-Dewhirst
Executive Director

Oversees all aspects of business operations for the Council.

Debra Hauer
Manager Agri LMI

Manages all activities and initiatives related to Labour Market Intelligence including the current LMI project, and supports the Council’s product and service delivery.

Julie Schryburt
Finance and Administration Manager

Manages all financial aspects of the Council operations and supports various administration activities.

Jade Reeve
Manager Agri Jobs

Manages all aspects and tools associated with the National Agricultural Occupational Framework and supports the Council’s product and service delivery.

Tracy Biernacki-Dusza
Manager Agri Skills

Manages development and delivery of products and services associated with the Council’s AgriSkills program. 

Janet Krayden
Stakeholder Engagement Specialist

Supports all aspects of stakeholder engagement for the Council’s research projects and coordinates the Agriculture and Agri-food Workforce Action Plan.

Ross Young
Stakeholder Support

Supports the National Agricultural Occupational Framework project and conducts event planning for the Council.

Ray Bollman
LMI Program Advisor

Supports all aspects of the Council’s Labour Market Intelligence initiatives.

Andrew Hurrell
Stakeholder Engagement & Business Development Director

Directs the development and successful execution of the Council’s stakeholder and partner engagement program.

Theresa Whalen
Communications & Marketing Specialist

Assists in the development and execution of the Council’s integrated marketing and communications plan.