Labour Market Intelligence

For Association Staff and those working on agricultural labour issues. Links provided in this section include important correspondence and research to support Ag and Food sector access to labour. 

Important Correspondence

Important correspondence you need to know about.

These letters have been provided for distribution relating to the new Temporary Foreign Worker Program consultations which have been launched for Primary Agriculture (Seasonal Agriculture Worker Program & Agricultural Stream) and Processing (Meat & Seafood) :

Research Reports

The most recent research on emerging labour issues to support your organization and members’ needs:

  • LTF Outcomes List (Administrative Service Delivery Issues): Agriculture & Agri-Food Labour Task Force Proposed Outcomes, simple administrative solutions that will significantly improve service delivery for agricultural labour programming. These issues are not included in the TFWP Primary Agriculture Review; this is a short list is also included in the 2018 VCRT Labour Backgrounder.
  • LTF Solutions Summary (Policy Issues): The LTF has developed this issues and solutions list to support the policy recommendations of the Canadian Agriculture & Agri-Food Workforce Action Plan.


If you have research or correspondence you would like to share with your industry colleagues regarding work you are doing on access to labour, please share with us and we will distribute to our CAHRC Partners.

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