Saskatchewan Report

Saskatchewan is more reliant on agriculture than any other province in Canada.

  • More than 7% of the province’s workforce (43,600 workers) is directly employed in the sector, with the grain and oilseed industry and beef industry being the most significant employers.
  • In 2014, Saskatchewan was unable to fill 4,500 agricultural jobs, which cost the sector $239 million. Although demand for labour will grow moderately over the next decade, the pool of available workers will shrink, mostly due to retirements. Saskatchewan’s agricultural workforce has the highest average age compared to any other province’s: in 2011, 70% of workers were 45 years of age or older.
  • By 2025, retirements will reduce the workforce by 30% and widen the labour gap to 13,000 jobs. As a result, Saskatchewan must find ways to attract a new generation of workers in order to realize its potential over the next 10 years.
  • For more information on Saskatchewan’s agricultural production trends and labour market challenges, download the fact sheet or full provincial report.