Quebec Report

In 2014, Quebec was Canada’s second-largest agriculture sector employer.

  • Quebec employed 20% of the agricultural workforce (73,500 people) in 2014. Only Ontario accounted for a higher national share.
  • The dairy industry, the greenhouse, nursery, and floriculture industry, and the grain and oilseed industry are among the most significant employers.
  • Agricultural producers in Quebec were unable to fill 3,300 jobs in 2014, which cost the sector $116 million. Employers reported challenges in finding workers with appropriate skills, and also faced turnover rates above the national average.
  • In the coming years, Quebec’s need for labour will fall, due mostly to limited demand for dairy products. However, the labour pool will shrink even more rapidly during this time. As a result, as many as 10,600 jobs are at risk of going unfilled by 2025, which could significantly impact the profitability and growth potential of the province’s agriculture sector.
  • For more information on Quebec’s agricultural production trends and labour market challenges, download the fact sheet or full provincial report.