Nova Scotia Report

In 2014, Nova Scotia’s agriculture sector employed 9,200 people, roughly 2% of Canada’s agricultural workforce.

  • While it’s the country’s fourth-smallest agriculture sector employer, it has the highest share of agricultural workers of any Atlantic province. It also had the third-highest reliance on foreign workers of any province.
  • In 2014, Nova Scotia’s agriculture sector had a moderate labour gap, with 500 jobs going unfilled due to a lack of domestic labour. Between now and 2025, an aging workforce and a declining number of young people will further reduce the number of domestic workers available. At the same time, the province’s demand for agricultural labour will rise due to bright production outlooks for several of its key industries.
  • As a result of these demographic and production trends, as many as 3,500 jobs could be at risk of going unfilled by 2025.
  • For more information on Nova Scotia’s agricultural production trends and labour market challenges, download the fact sheet or full provincial report.