New Brunswick

New Brunswick’s agriculture sector employed 5,200 people in 2017, or 1.7% of Canada’s agricultural workforce. The greenhouse, nursery and floriculture industry is the largest employer (18% of the workforce), followed by field fruit and vegetable (11%) and dairy (10%).

New Brunswick was one of only three provinces to have an agricultural labour surplus in 2017. However, farmers were still unable to fill 268 jobs, equivalent to 5.1% of the total workforce required. This situation could have been caused by a lack of workers with the right skills or a lack of workers in areas where jobs were available. These unfilled jobs cost the sector $30 million.

Looking ahead, the number of available domestic workers will shrink slightly faster than the province’s need for labour. As a result, New Brunswick is expected to see an increasing shortage of skilled labour that will affect the sector’s profitability and growth.

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