Manitoba Report

With 23,900 workers in 2014, Manitoba was the sixth-largest agriculture sector employer in Canada.

  • The province is also one of the most reliant on agriculture as a part of its economy, with 3.5% of the workforce directly employed by the sector. Only Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan have a higher dependence on agricultural employment.
  • Despite a decade in which the demand for labour stabilized, in 2014, the province was unable to fill 1,800 agricultural jobs. This cost the sector $282 million, which was the highest share of agricultural sales lost to labour shortages of any province.
  • Between now and 2025, strong production growth in the province’s grain and oilseed, beef, and swine industries will increase its labour need. However, the labour supply is expected to shrink during this time, which could leave as many as 4,900 jobs unfilled and prevent this vital part of Manitoba’s economy from reaching its full potential.
  • For more information on Manitoba’s agricultural production trends and labour market challenges, download the fact sheet or full provincial report.