British Columbia

In 2017, British Columbia’s agriculture sector employed 46,300 people, or 13% of Canada’s agricultural workforce.

Nearly half of these employees (47%) work in the tree fruit and vine and greenhouse, nursery, and floriculture industries. These industries are more reliant on foreign workers, and close to 23% of the province’s agricultural workers are foreign.

The demand for agricultural labour in British Columbia grew by only 0.2% per year between 2007 and 2017, compared to a decrease of 0.7% per year for the agriculture sector nationwide. However, 3,100 jobs still went unfilled in 2017, costing the sector $216 million.

British Columbia’s agriculture sector has a bright production outlook, but to reach its growth potential, it must address growing labour challenges caused by a widening labour gap. By 2029, the number of jobs at risk of going unfilled will reach 15,200, a number that’s equivalent to one in three jobs.

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