National Agricultural Report

Canada’s agriculture sector is incredibly diverse. 

From British Columbia’s fisheries to Saskatchewan’s grain fields to the dairies of Newfoundland and Labrador, the sector comprises very different industries, commodities, regions, and work environments. But they all share similar challenges when it comes to finding the workers they need to thrive. Every province and commodity area in Canada is affected by the agriculture sector’s chronic and significant labour shortages. And these shortages will only intensify as the global market for Canadian agricultural products rapidly expands. Between 2004 and 2014, Canadian farmers saw the agricultural labour gap double; by 2025, it’s expected to double again. 

In fact, no other sector in Canada faces as many labour challenges as the agriculture sector, and without a clear understanding of the underlying issues and their potential solutions, this vital part of the Canadian economy will not reach its potential in the years ahead.

The LMI national report examines the current and future impact of these challenges on producers across Canada, and identifies solutions with the potential to strengthen the workforce and support the sector’s continued growth.