• The swine industry, which currently employs 14,000 people, includes operations that primarily raise hogs and pigs. Since 2005, the number of farms has shrunk by 55% and its workforce has shrunk by a third as the market for pork products softened.
  • Despite its reduced size, the industry faces challenges in finding enough workers. In 2014, it was unable to fill 900 jobs, costing the industry $170 million.
  • These labour challenges are expected to intensify between now and 2025, as the global demand for pork products rises. To meet output targets, the industry will need to employ 15,400 workers by 2025. However, the domestic labour pool is expected to shrink during this time, which means that the number of jobs at risk of going unfilled could rise as high as 3,000. This would significantly impact the industry’s ability to meet the global market demand for its products.
  • For more information on the swine industry’s production trends and labour market challenges, download the fact sheet or full commodity report.