Poultry and Egg

  • The poultry and egg industry includes operations that primarily engage in breeding, hatching, and raising poultry for meat or egg production.
  • The industry has one of the agriculture sector’s most balanced labour markets and faces fewer challenges that other industries in the sector. In 2014, it employed 15,600 people and had 250 unfilled jobs. These vacancies cost farmers $6 million, or just 0.2% of sales.
  • However, the industry faces larger labour challenges in the near future. While the poultry and egg industry has less difficulty attracting workers than other, more seasonal industries in the sector, industry employers report greater retention challenges, with involuntary turnover rates that are nearly double the sector average.
  • The industry is also expected to experience greater labour shortages in future, with nearly 1,100 jobs at risk of going unfilled by 2025.
  • For more information on the poultry and egg industry’s production trends and labour market challenges, download the fact sheet or full commodity report.