Grain and Oilseed

  • One of Canada’s largest and fastest-growing agricultural employers, the grain and oilseed industry includes farms that produce a wide variety of crops, with wheat, canola, soybeans, and feed corn being key among them.
  • Since 2004, average production has increased 6% per year. While the labour force has grown by more than 20% during this time, it hasn’t grown fast enough. As a result, grain and oilseed producers were unable to fill 5,700 jobs in 2014. This cost the industry $569 million, which was the greatest loss of any agricultural industry.
  • By 2025, the industry’s labour gap is expected to triple in size, with 17,400 jobs potentially going unfilled as a result of domestic labour shortages. That number is equivalent to one-quarter of the total workforce required, a labour shortfall that could serious impede the industry’s ability to reach its potential.
  • For more information on the grain and oilseed industry’s production trends and labour market challenges, download the fact sheet or full commodity report.