Grain and Oilseed

One of Canada’s largest agricultural employers, the grain and oilseed industry includes farms that produce a wide variety of crops, with wheat, canola, soybeans, and feed corn being key among them.

Between 2007 and 2017, strong crop yields and a shift away from animal production and toward grain and oilseed products resulted in an average growth in output of 5% per year, which is the strongest growth performance of any agriculture industry. Combined with even higher increases in productivity of 6.5% per year in that time period, the grain and oilseed workforce declined slightly in the past ten years. Even so, grain and oilseed producers were unable to fill 2,000 jobs in 2017. This cost the industry $594 million, which was the greatest loss of any agricultural industry.

By 2029, the industry’s labour gap is expected to increase 500%, with 10,600 jobs potentially going unfilled as a result of domestic labour shortages. That number is equivalent to one-quarter of the total workforce required, a labour shortfall that could serious impede the industry’s ability to reach its potential.

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