Canada’s aquaculture industry produces a wide array of seafood, with a focus on salmon, mussels, oysters, and trout. While it’s one of the smaller agriculture industries, it is also one of the fastest growing, with output expected to increase by an average of 3.9% per year to meet a strong export market and a growing global demand.

However, aquaculture producers face growing challenges in finding enough workers. In 2017, nearly three-quarters of aquaculture producers (63%) reported being unable to find enough workers, and those labour shortages cost the industry $34 million.

The rural location of most aquaculture operations is a key challenge in recruiting and retaining workers. The industry also lacks access to foreign workers through temporary and seasonal work programs because aquaculture production isn’t on the National Commodities list.

Finding ways to address these challenges will enable producers to profit from the growing market for Canada’s aquaculture products.

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