• Apiculture, or the beekeeping industry, includes operations that are primarily engaged in raising bees, collecting and gathering honey, and performing other beekeeping activities. The industry has a very strong outlook, but labour challenges could prevent it from reaching production targets and achieving its potential.
  • In 2014, these labour shortages cost the industry $7 million, or 4% of sales, and nearly two in three beekeepers (63%) reported labour shortages. This is much higher than the agriculture sector average of 41%. Remote locations, physically strenuous work, variable hours, and seasonality have a greater impact on recruitment and retention for apiculture than for others in the sector.
  • With 94% of beekeepers expecting employment to rise on their farms over the next five years, the industry must address its labour issues in order to reach its growth potential. 
  • For more information on apiculture and its labour challenges, download the full commodity report.