Fast Facts

Farmers who can make workers of all types feel welcome in the workplace will have a business advantage over those who do not. Some benefits include:

  • Attracting new or untapped communities of job seekers
  • Improving employee satisfaction and performance
  • Avoiding costly legal or regulatory issues
  • Enhancing the farm’s reputation in the community
  • Reducing costly and disruptive turnover

Canada's agriculture sector was unable to fill approximately 26,000 jobs in 2014:

  • One-third of the Canadian population will be members of a visible minority by 2031
  • Women make up 50% of the general population, but only 30% of on-farm producers
  • The Indigenous population is the fastest growing demographic group in Canada
  • Seventeen thousand immigrants are expected to enter the agricultural workforce by 2025

Farms that take the time to develop inclusive programs, policies, and attitudes will attract a wider range of workers and build more effective, productive teams:

  • Hiring newcomers to Canada can help you expand into global business opportunities and gain exposure to new ideas
  • Immigrants are more likely to have a university education; nearly one third have earned a degree prior to arriving in Canada
  • Indigenous people represent a diverse and often underutilized group of valuable skilled workers in Canada
  • By 2020, an additional 400,000 young Indigenous people will enter the workforce