Workplace Diversity

Promote women leaders in the workplace.

Strong leadership is essential to a thriving agricultural business. But many qualified and experienced women are not being given the support and recognition they need to assume leadership roles. As a result, women are underrepresented at the leadership level in agricultural businesses.

This doesn't just have consequences for the women themselves. The issue negatively impacts the entire agriculture sector, which needs strong leadership and diverse perspectives to enhance its profitability and competitiveness. In general, greater workplace diversity improves productivity and worker retention, and women-led companies tend to outperform the average financially.

Agricultural businesses need to do a better job of identifying, supporting, and promoting women with leadership potential. Addressing the issue begins with a recruitment process that encourages and values women applicants, and policies and processes that make training and advancement opportunities available to women employees.

CAHRC offers two resources to help employers and managers encourage more diversity in the workplace and at the leadership level.

Best-Practice Guide to Enhancing Workplace Diversity

The Best-Practice Guide to Enhancing Workplace Diversity includes policy templates, checklists, and step-by-step best practices for benchmarking and improving the inclusiveness of your workplace.

Support a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce with the AgriHR Toolkit

The CAHRC AgriHR Toolkit is an in-depth guide for improving your people-management skills and finding, retaining, and supporting your employees. The guide includes templates, resources, and step-by-step instructions, and covers every aspect of effective agricultural labour management, including recruitment, compensation, training, performance management, succession planning, and diversity and inclusion. 

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