Leadership Resources

Strengthen women's agricultural leadership skills.

CAHRC provides resources that include programs, tools, and training that can help women in agriculture advance their leadership skills and discover new opportunities for career growth.

This interactive tool helps you evaluate your skills and interests, identify potential careers that fit your profile, and see your potential pathways to leadership opportunities in agriculture.

This job board provides the most comprehensive source of agriculture jobs in Canada, including internships, volunteer positions, and career opportunities at all experience levels.  

These online courses will keep your farms up to date with the most current standards and principles in managing your most important resources – YOUR PEOPLE.

A self-assessment tool designed specifically for agricultural producers, that identifies areas of leadership strength as well as areas which may require development.

Other resources include:

Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program

This 19-month executive development opportunity in Ontario helps men and women explore agri-food trends, economics, and international trade, and learn how to influence the future of the agriculture industry.

Agri-Food Management Excellence 

Executive Management Programs - Agri-Food Management Excellence (AME) is inspired by empowering people to realize their goals.  We empower farmers, ranchers and other agribusiness professionals through leading edge courses delivered in an unconventional format. 

Atlantic LeadAtlantic 

LEAD will produce leaders committed to creating stronger and more profitable industries, a sustainable and innovative rural economy, and who have the leadership competencies to deliver on that commitment. 

Atlantic Agricultural Leadership Program

This 18-month program provides advanced training to give agricultural leaders the hard and soft skills they need to help the Atlantic and Canadian rural and agricultural sectors evolve.

Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference

This initiative encourages women to get involved in improving gender diversity in corporate governance, and includes sponsorship to attend the Women in Agriculture Conference.

Success for Women in Agri-Food

This program provides information, training, mentorship, networking, and workshops to women ag-entrepreneurs in rural Alberta.