Consulting & Networking Services

Consulting services

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council is committed to assisting agricultural stakeholders including associations, government departments, educational institutions and employers. The Council provides organizations with customized support on an as needed basis. Together, we work with organizations to clarify issues and address concerns. Examples of our recent consulting work:

  • Customized Member Surveys: to clarify member needs.
  • Member Services: to support HR needs of members.
  • Labour Market Intelligence Research: to clarify the labour market.
  • Occupational Analysis Research: to clarify jobs and worker requirements.
  • Recruitment & Career Awareness Support: to enhance existing industry websites.
  • Training & Workshops: to support knowledge and skills development of employees, employers, managers and supervisors.
  • Speaking Engagements: to facilitate discussions and provide updates on latest labour issues.
  • Council Infrastructure Support: to facilitate collaboration of industry stakeholders in other countries.

Networking services

Networking is an important vehicle for industry stakeholders to learn from one another and share important information. The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council is committed to facilitating strong and meaningful connections between colleagues. The following groups connect through the Council:

  • Agriculture & Agri-food Labour Task Force
  • Supporting the Advancement of Women in Agriculture
  • Labour Market Information Provincial Panel

Stay connected with your colleagues and join our networks.

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