HR Management Training

AgriSkills provides solutions in HR Management including guides, workshops, and webinars.

Do you need an HR training solution tailored to the needs of your clients? Partner with CAHRC to create a customized solution, to be delivered in class or online. CAHR HR specialists will work with you to develop a series of webinars, e-learning modules, a seminar, workshop or program that meets your organizational requirements and your client's needs.

HR 101 Management Training

HR 101 is for farm owners and managers who want to learn the best practices for recruiting, retaining, and managing their workers more effectively. Delivered through six 30-minute e-learning modules, HR 101 introduces the key human resources (HR) practices that ensure a healthy, engaged, and productive workforce. Downloadable tools and templates are also included in the e-learning course. The course includes modules for:

  • Human Resources Management Overview
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Human Resource Policies
  • Find Skilled Workers
  • Hire and Keep Skilled Workers
  • Train and Develop Your Workers

On-the-Job-Training Reference Guide

Train employees quickly, safely, and efficiently with on-the-job training tools. These simple, practical tools are designed to help trainers, supervisors, and mentors teach new or inexperienced workers to acquire the skills they need as they "learn by doing." Formalize and standardize the approach to training on your farm, and ensure that your workers can do their jobs safely and efficiently.

Human Resources Planning Workshop

This workshop for agricultural managers and owners focuses on human resources planning that supports business goals and strategic priorities. Participants learn the five steps in the planning process, including an overview of the main HR areas, workforce analysis, workforce requirements, strategy development and evaluation.

Supervisory Training Workshops

This practical, instructive, and interactive workshop series for agricultural supervisors provides tools to improve the workplace culture. Supervisors learn to make real, long-lasting and impactful changes that enhance employee morale and success for both domestic workers and temporary foreign workers, including SAWP workers.

Recruitment and Retention Workshops

This workshop for agricultural business owners, managers, and supervisors helps them make crucial HR management decisions, avoid common pitfalls, and increase their understanding of the best approaches to recruitment and retention.

Human Resources Webinars

Help your members address their labour challenges and learn best practices for building and supporting the workforce they need to support their business goals. This three-part webinar series explores recruitment, selection, and hiring from an agricultural perspective. Each webinar is 30 minutes long and available on demand.


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