Mushroom Workers

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Mushroom Workers

Mushroom workers assist with planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops. With minimal or no supervision, they prepare compost for growing mushrooms, add casing material to the compost, harvest mushrooms, perform post-harvest activities, and may operate farm machinery and equipment. No formal education is required, and skills and knowledge can be acquired through on-the-job training. Education and training can include a mix of formal and informal learning experiences, such as some secondary school, up to 2 years of occupational training, training courses, or specific farm experience. For more information on job requirements for mushroom workers, visit AgriJobs.

Workers are usually paid hourly wages between $11.27 and $28.00, although wages as high as $28.00 and as low as $10.65 (the minimum wage at the time) were reported in the survey. This wide range shows that there is a possibility for farm workers to obtain very different wages based on factors such as seniority and length of service.

For detailed information on wages, benefits and a quality of living in rural Canada, read the CAHRC report Multiplying Mushroom Sector Opportunities with Rural Canadian Population Growth; or for the fast facts, view the Canadian Mushroom AgriWorkforce Infographic.







*Half of the companies surveyed paid more than this hourly amount to people in the role, and half paid less.