Mushroom Managers

Job Category - Farm Manager

Mushroom Managers

Mushroom managers manage farm operations, including strategic planning, human resources, finances, and administration. Managers also manage activities, people, equipment, supplies, and products, and evaluate production data and records. No formal education is required, and they may acquire skills and knowledge through on-the-job training. Education and training can include formal and informal learning experiences, extensive specific work experience, and a bachelor's, master's, or doctorate degree. For more information on job requirements for mushroom managers, visit AgriJobs.

Managers generally earn between $44,400 and $163,600 per year, with $171,000 being the highest salary reported for this position.

For detailed information on wages, benefits and a quality of living in rural Canada, read the CAHRC report Multiplying Mushroom Sector Opportunities with Rural Canadian Population Growth; or for the fast facts, view the Canadian Mushroom AgriWorkforce Infographic.







*Half of the companies surveyed paid more than this amount to people in the role, and half paid less.