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Results of the Mushroom Industry Wage Survey

Mushrooms are a $1 billion industry in Canada. More than 100 mushroom farms across the country produce more than 200 million pounds (91,000 tonnes) of mushrooms annually, with 80 million lb. (36,300 tonnes) of fresh mushrooms being exported to the US market.

Mushroom growers face ongoing labour shortages, and are working with academic institutes and technology partners to develop robotics that could reduce labour requirements in the future.

Current and complete wage data for the mushroom industry is an important part of the overall picture for Canada's agricultural labour market, and could help employers address labour issues more effectively by understanding the job opportunities and career progression the industry supports.

However, little data has been collected on this topic. The Statistics Canada Job Vacancy and Wage Survey provides basic information, but does not provide the level of detail needed to help agricultural employers or job seekers make informed decisions.

The Mushroom Industry Wage Survey, conducted between March and May 2017, was commissioned by CAHRC to provide detailed compensation information about current hourly wage rates and piece work for occupations in the mushroom industry.

Sixteen mushroom enterprises participated in the survey. Together, these enterprises represented 25 mushroom-producing facilities and 2,917 workers, or 67% of Canada's mushroom industry workforce.

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Canada’s agriculture sector is poised for growth, as the global market for Canadian agricultural products rapidly expands. However, the sector faces significant labour challenges that could jeopardize its growth potential and its contribution to the national economy.

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