One of CAHRC's core values is INCLUSIVITY. Nowhere is this more evident than with our partnership program.

The support of our partners is vital to our mission to address the workforce challenges of Canada's agriculture and agri-food industry. Together, we imagine a sustainable future for Canadian farms and agri-businesses where:

  • … we invest as much in people as we do in technology 
  • … we do not compromise expansion plans due to lack of available manpower 
  • … we have options to transfer operations to the next generation 
  • … we provide highly valued career options to our young people

Contact CAHRC today to join the growing list of organizations and companies that support the work of the Council to address the agriculture and agri-food workforce challenges

As a CAHRC partner, you can select the options that suit your priorities, including:

  • Joining your voice with the other participating organizations
  • Participating in one of our research projects or initiatives
  • Inviting CAHRC to share our expertise with your team (or stakeholders)
  • Receiving tailored solutions from CAHRC to meet your challenges
  • Generating revenues by offering re-branded CAHRC products to your stakeholders
  • Financially supporting the on-going work of the Council
  • And more…

When you partner with CAHRC, you can choose a standard partnership package or build a custom package to suit the needs of your organization. Improve your agriculture labour situation with CAHRC.






Package may include:

  • Quarterly updates on Emerging Labour Issues for your membership
  • HR articles for your association newsletter
  • Weekly AgriWorkforce Newsfeed to access latest headlines on labour issues
  • Support for Workforce Action Plan research and communications materials






Package may include all Bronze items PLUS:

  • Customized presentation on emerging labour issues for your association event (AGM, conference)
  • Targeted communications support for labour issues facing your association members (customized newsletter articles, factsheets, infographics)
  • Coordination & support for association meetings with officials to discuss emerging labour issues (meeting requests, confirmations, agenda preparation, briefing notes)

HR Tools & Special





Package may include all Silver items PLUS:

  • HR Training Workshops for association members (HR 101, Recruitment & Retention or HR Planning)
  • Member access to staff management instructions and tools (AgriJobs, AgriJobMatch, AgriHR Toolkit, AgriSkills)
  • Association advertising on CAHRC social media channels (website, news feed)






Package may include all Gold items PLUS:

  • Customized consulting, training and/or research to support your association and its members with effective staff management support for critical and emerging needs (Training, Professionalization, Wage Survey, Recruitment & Retention Program)

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